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3240 West Highview Drive
Appleton, WI 54914-5707
Phone: (920)731-3861
Fax: (920)731-6024


Our full list of CNC machines includes:

  • Fadal 6030 (4)
  • Fadal 4020 (1)
  • OKK 1260 (2)
  • OKK VM7 (2)
  • OKK VM5 (5)
  • Haas VF8 (4)
  • Haas VF3 (2)
  • OKK HM1000 (1)
  • Dianichi Lathe (1)

- CAD/CAM Department -

Our experienced programming and operating staff, along with the most technologically advanced CNC equipment available, have given B&H Pattern output capabilities that are among the best in the business.

Our skilled designers are cross-trained in Creo(Pro-E), Mastercam and NX (Uni-Graphics). This allows us to generate CAD designs and models in multiple looks and formats. We also have CAM packages through MasterCam and PowerMill. Our multiple range of CAM software enables us to produce more efficient tool paths, which greatly reduces machining time.

To meet increasingly shorter lead times, we have a three-shift CNC department. We operate two shifts during the week and a crew that keeps machines running throughout the weekends. Our four Hass VF8 vertical machining centers, along with two OKK VM1260S machining centers, allows us to machine extremely large projects without separating the components. Our machining windows have now expanded to allow travel areas of 84' x 50' x 40' and 64' x 40' x 30'.

In addition we have seven high-speed small vertical machining centers in our CNC department. Five OKK VM5's and two Hass VF3's allow us to cut smaller parts with extremely high efficiency and accuracy. Not only does this allow us to cut faster, but it also saves our customers time and money.

B&H Pattern has also been on the forefront in developing process models for our customers. A solid casting model reflecting the exact part that will be produced from the tooling. This aids the foundry and their customers, eliminating costly redesigns that are often late in the project.