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- Quality Control / Layout -

As we continue to perfect our mission to deliver high quality products, we have developed a process to thoroughly inspect all of our work before it ships.

Our Layout Department has a Giddings and Lewis machine as well as two ROMER Arm portable arm coordinate measuring machines equipped with one laser scanner that allow us to measure, inspect and reverse engineer projects on the shop floor.

We provide advanced 3D scanning solutions, which allow inspection of parts with or without CAD models using a laser-scanning probe to instantly collect data. Our 3D scanning option provides real-time geometric dimensioning of parts by enabling scanning of features including circles, slots, square slots, rectangle, plane, spheres and cylinders at thousands of points per second for fast, accurate and easy measurement.

Why is this better? Laser scanning provides real-time surface inspection by comparing each point scanned with the laser probe to a CAD model in real time. The system collects and analyzes more than 23,000 points per second for a precisely detailed inspection of both geometric and surface features. A color gradient graphic then indicates whether the points are in tolerance, above tolerance or below tolerance and instantly provides a color weather map of the points on screen.

In addition to our laser scanning process, we also produce plastics of our coreboxes and take sandmolds of the pattern to check fit of the tooling. This mimics the foundry process and can help save costly sampling time.

The bottom line is that there are likely many pattern shops able to quickly or inexpensively create, repair or reproduce equipment for your foundry. But if it does not meet the exacting tolerances and specifications of today's leading edge technologies, you will never realize any savings of time or money. That is why, at B&H Pattern, we are passionate about quality control. We are willing to go the distance to make sure that our products go the distance as well.