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3240 West Highview Drive
Appleton, WI 54914-5707
Phone: (920)731-3861
Fax: (920)731-6024

- Mission Statement -

B&H Pattern, Inc. is a producer for wood, metal and plastic patterns for the foundry industry.

Our main objective is to provide customer satisfaction by meeting their required lead-times with the highest quality patterns for the best value.

We strive to meet the objective by continually upgrading all elements of our fabrication process to maintain our technological edge and diversity. We are dedicated to having our employees educated to the levels necessary for these technologically advanced processes. We have an extensive in-house training program for employees who are new to these concepts and we encourage all employees to pursue education wherever it is available to them through an education reimbursement program.

Our commitment to a quality product is reflected by our commitment to a quality workplace and to the personal well-being and growth of our employees, which demands a company-wide commitment to safety. To this end, it is our corporate belief that every employee must receive the knowledge and training necessary for their active participation in maintaining a clean and hazard free workplace.