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Patterns:  Disa Ram and Swing, Cope and Drag, and Dump Box style of any shape and almost any size

Coreboxes:  Small Redford; Laempe LL10 to L100, LFB25 to CB50; Horizontal or Vertical Boxes having slides or loose pieces and hydraulic or pneumatic options fully rigged

Permanent Molds: Hall Tilt pour, CPC Low Pressure, Water Cooled, Fully Plumbed, also Mold Maintenance and Repair

Fixturing:  Core Setting Fixtures, Drill Fixtures, and Glue Setting Fixtures can be made to help aid in the foundry process.

Tool Repair/Maintenance:  Broken or damaged tooling can be fixed and repaired to run again.

Reverse Engineering:  Using laser scan technology, an old tool is scanned, and a model is built to match the scan minus any wear or defects.  Old tooling can be repaired, or new tooling can be produced this way.

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